Marromeu is a small town at the end of a very bumpy dirt road, nestled between the banana tress on the edge of the Zambezi River. Most of its inhabitants live by subsistence farming and fishing, with a sugar cane plantation and factory offering the few employment opportunities that are available.

Poverty levels are high, educational levels are low and sickness and disease affect every single family. At the same time, children climb trees and play with their friends, women chat while they fix each others hair, and men talk quietly round their fires at night under a star filled sky.

Main Languages: Portuguese plus 42 local dialects

Main religions: Traditional African religion, Catholicism, Islam

Literacy Rate: men 73.3% women 45.4%

Population living below the poverty line: 52%

Death Rate: 2nd highest in the world

Infant Mortality Rate: 25th highest in the world

AIDS/HIV rate: 10.55% 5th highest in world